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Clydesdale Stallions

Senior Herd Sire

Toll-Gate Kavalier

Name: Toll-Gate Kavalier
DOB: April 24, 2009
Reg Number: M34712 (CN)
Height: 17.3 Hands

________Torrs Badrill Ideal - M25036(GB)
_____Torrs Cup Winner - M32166(CN)
________Balgray Elizabeth Ann - F80026(GB)
Willow Way Highlight - M33420(CN)
________Croydon Aristocrat - M31070 (CN)
_____Willow Way Kristy - F66899(CN) 
________Torrs Lady Antrim - F66406(CN)

________Millisle Perfection - M25335(GB)
_____Greendykes Sherman - M15613
________Grainyford Kate - F89070(GB)
SBH Flashy Dancer - F20485 
________Olde Pine Tree Winston - M13145
_____Emerald's Lucky Lady- F14990
________Brookside Margie - F13157

Kavalier was bred by one of the most respected breeding farms in Canada, Toll-Gate Clydesdales, owned by Vaughn Toll of Blyth, Ontario. 

Kavalier's sire Willow Way Highlight was bred by the Gordeyko family in Alberta, Canada.  The Gordeyko Family needs no introduction in the clydedesdale circle as their family opperates a prestine breeding program and has turned out numerous champion caliber horses from their breeding program over the years.

On the dams side, SBH Flashy Dancer was a superb show mare as she was a multi award winning Grand Champion Mare at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair for Mr Toll.  SBH Flashy Dancer comes from an exceptional breeder in Michigan the Priebe's.  A full brother the SBH Flashy Dancer was the famous SBH Phoenix horse that needs no intorduction in the breed.

Kavalier's pedigree is stacked, and we are excited to get foals on the ground here on the farm.  Please contact Jeff if you happen to have any questions or interest in Kavalier

Top "3" Pictures taken March 13, 2021 as a 12 year old.

Future Junior Herd Sire

Cedarlane Maverick

Name: Cedarlane Maverick
DOB: February 8, 2023
Reg Number: M36780 (CN)

________Somewhere Doc's Black Jack
_____Castle Rock Finn McCool
________Heart Mt Shaylene
Castle Rock Huck Finn
________Madsen's Rising Tide
_____Madsen's Fashion Kate 
________Thistle Ridge Royal Bethany

________May's Marquis Of Iron Horse
_____Iron Horse MM Steele
________Sam's of Iron Horse
Cedarlane Charlotte 
________Century Lane Majestic
_____Gregg's Magestic Stella
________Gregg's Collessie Nellie

Maverick was bred by one of the most respected breeding farms in Canada, Wismer Clydesdales, owned by Gerald & Ron Wismer & families.  Maverick carries both black and bay genetics, that is one of the major factors that attracted us to this colt.  His deep dark bay color is the color that we strive to breed here and look forward to the future with him being our next herd sire.  Along with his color we love the front end of this colt as he looks to be made to wear harness as well.

Maverick's pedigree is stacked, and we are excited to get foals on the ground here on the farm.  Please contact Jeff if you happen to have any questions or are interested in knowing more about Maverick.

2023 Show Results
2nd Place - Wisconsin State Fair - Stallion Foal born in the current year
1st Place - Wisconsin State Fair - Mare & Foal
1st Place - Indiana State Fair - Senior Stallion Foal
1st Place - Indiana State Fair - Stallion any age bred and owned by exhibitor
1st Place - Indian State Fair - Mare & Foal
Best Foal - Indiana State Fair
1st Place - Michigan Great Lakes International - Clydesdale/Shire Stallion Foal

Past Breeding Stallions


Name: HMJ
DOB: May 5, 2010
Reg Number: 
Height: 18.0 Hands

HMJ is a nice big 18.0 hand modern type black stallion. 
Black, wide white blaze face, black spots in nostrils, lower lip white, white chin, four white legs to below knees and hocks.

HMJ has a pedigree that is full of prominent black clydesdales, and we are excited to get foals on the ground here on the farm from HMJ.  HMJ was used one breeding season here at Goodell Clydesdales.  We hope to have a handful of his offspring running in the pastures spring of 2022.

Irish Thunder's Celtic Dawson

Name: Irish Thunder's Celtic Dawson
DOB: April 30, 2010
Reg Number: M25349
Height: 17.3 Hands

________Roughlands Commander - M31212(CN)
_____Commander Mark Argyll
________Howanna Royal Jewel - F66054(CN)
Thistle Ridge Argyll Enhancer -32473(CN)
________Doura Latest Fashion - M25202(GB)
_____Barlauchlan Lady Margo - F67495(CN)
________Barlauchlan Snowdrop - F83027(CN)

________Solomon's Commadore - M10895
_____Maplewood Levi - M13876
________Meadowview Oracle - F10823
South West Belle - F24085
________Lloyd's Donnie - M11594
_____Colat Classic Lady - F13768
________Colat Classic Lassie - F12005

Dawson is a horse with tons of attitude and presence.  Breeding hitchy type horses is one of Dawson's best charecteristics.  We were fortunate to lease Dawson from Nick Margeson of Everson, Washington.  We were able to get 4 foals out of Dawson.

KDJ's Benedict Commander

Name: KDJ's Benedict Commander
DOB: 5/04/2012
Reg Number: M25803
Height: 17.2

________Cedarlane Commander Mark-M32123(CN)
_____Westedge Ideal Ivan-M21611
________Royal Harmony Floss-F67122(CN)
Solomon's Benedict-M22547
________Cedarlane Duffy-M16403
_____Solomon's Glory-F19088
________Solomon's Ideal Gloria-F12218

________Westgate Prime Time - M17754
_____Solomon's Tim - M19090
________Solomon's Nadine - F14899
Armageddon's Mistress Maadai-F24154
________Solomon's Commander - M11478
_____Armageddon's Mistress Eve - F14326
________Broadlea Classic Perfection - F12134

Dark bay, blaze face, front legs white to below knees, hind legs white to below hocks.

Commander was shown as a foal even while being a May born colt.
2012 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair : 1st Place - JUNIOR STALLION FOAL(Foaled after April)
Iowa State Fair : 3rd Place - JUNIOR STALLION FOAL (foaled after March 15)
Illinois State Fair: 6th Place - STALLION UNDER 1 YEAR OLD

Commander continues to grow and mature into a very nice horse, we are excited to continue to monitor his progress.  The last couple of years he has been leased to Dennis and Lynn Schiell.  Producing a few offspring for them.  This horse is picture perfect in color and loves to motor when he moves.


Name: Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah
DOB: February 1, 2003
Reg Number: M20893
Height: 18.1 Hands

________Belleau Matt-M10738
_____Northwest Glenords Patrick-M12996
________Doura Lejeune-F11016
Northwest Glenords U.R. Arrow-M14858
________Royal Aristocrat Maximum-M10785
_____Northwest Aristocrats Natasha-F12394
________Northwest Viceroy's Harleen-F11060

________Classic Wallace-M30865(CN)
_____Broadlea Classic Joe-M14427
________Polly Pioneer Lass-F65738(CN)
Armageddon's Mistress Etana-F16556
________Torrs Black Magic-M12258
_____Armageddon's Mistress Magdalene-F12636
________Broadlea Classic Perfection-F12134

The two pictures were taken 2/21/2010.

Nehemiah passed away in 2017 at the age of 14 years old.  He was bred by one of the best breeding farms in the United States who breeds black clydesdales, Armageddon's Clydesdales, owned by Michael and Cheri Moleski of Bronson, Michigan.

Nehemiah's sire Northwest Glenords U.R. Arrow was a bay horse with a black gene who won several shows on the west coast circut including 10 championships at the Western Regional Show for the Edwin Henkin Family before passing onto greener pastures.

Nehemiah's mother Armageddon's Mistress Etana was an exceptional brood mare that has produced several nice offspring for the Moleski's.  Etana won Reserve Junior Champion Mare as a 2 year old at the National Clydesdale Show in 1997, and also won Best Three Year Old Mare Bred and Owned by Exhibitor at the National Clydesdale Show in 1998. Etana's sire Broadlea Classic Joe was a very succesful breeding stallion producing several All Americans and Nation Show Winners.  On the bottom side of Etana's pedigree is her grandmother Broadlea Classic Perfection who was the corner stone and building block for the Moleski family producing many show winning offspring.

Nehemiah continued to consistently produces nice foals with nice big feet, quality bone, heavy feather and sweet dispositions. We used Nehemiah mostly on bay mares and were very happy with the results.  We currently have a couple of his daughters that we are keeping for future brood mares.  Several of his offspring have been shown and have qualified for the All American program.


Name: Pinnacle's Nihilater Extreme
DOB: April 28, 2010
Reg Number: 25400
Height: 17.3 Hands

________Collessie Cut Above - M25418(GB)
_____Highfield Collessie - M18729
________Cocklaw Lucinda - F91065(GB)
Gregglea HC Nihilater - M24543
________Inspector Floss - M14047
_____Gregglea Inspectress Grace - F70320(CN)
________Gregglea Ainville Alice - F68779(CN)

________Doura Sensation - M11361
_____Maple Stone Reflection - M21032
________Millisle Verna - F15633
Pinnacle's Tessa - F22655
________Farrellawn Joe - M15762
_____Double H Queen - F17637
________Dixie's Doris May - F12430

Bay, white blaze face, black spot on upper lip below left nostril, right front leg partially black around back side of ankle, left front leg white to above knee, hind legs white to below hocks, irregular white patch on right flank, some white hairs throughout body.

Extreme is very well bred coming from great paternal and maternal lines having several award winning relatives. Top to bottom his pedigree is stacked and that is why we purchased Extreme from Pinnacle Farms. 

Extreme was shown for 4 years in 2011,2012,2013 and 2014 with all four years Extreme qualifying for the All American Contest.  We are very excited about his foals and we are looking forward to further success in the future with them.

Extreme was bred to several mares for 2017 babies, and we look forward to those foals.  Extreme now resides with Michelle Janssen @ the Ossage Stock Farm.

2011 Show Results
Minnesota State Fair - 1st Place - 1 yo Stallion - RESERVE JR CHAMPION STALLION
Iowa State Fair - 1st Place - 1 yo Stallion
Illinois State Fair - 2nd Place - 1 yo Stallion
2012 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair : 1st Place - Stallion - 2yo - RESERVE JR CHAMPION STALLION
Iowa State Fair : 3rd Place - Stallion - 2yo
Illinois State Fair: 1st Place - Stallion - 2yo
2013 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair - 1st Place - Stallion 3yo & Over  - SENIOR CHAMPION STALLION
Iowa State Fair - 3rd Place - Stallion 3yo & Over
2014 Show Record
Iowa State Fair - 2nd Place - Stallion 3yo & Over - Reserve Senior Champion Stallion
1st Place - Gelding/Stallion Cart


Name: Pinnacle's Prelude Denali
DOB: April 2, 2009
Reg Number: 25399
Height: 17.2 Hands

________Ellengowan Sensational Randy - M18915
_____Pinnacle's Prelude-M20606
________Double H Kate - F17363
Birky's Pride Preludes Hercules-M22614
________Shining Meadows Macarthur -M13780
_____Birky's Pride Shirley Ann -F18214
________Armageddon's Mistress Martha - F14726

________Armageddon's Lord Elijah - M14603
_____Grandview Sir El Capitan - M16870
________Maitland River June - F15644
Battle River Jenna - F21363
________Rowdy's Pride of Blaine Lake - M31126(CN)
_____Battle River Gillian - F68377(CN)
________Battle River Jody - F67245(CN)

Dark bay, white blaze face, black in both nostrils, front legs white to above knees, hind legs white to below hocks, irregular large white splashes on both sides of barrel, two small white spots on each side of rump.

It won't take long for you to look over his pedigree and see that this colt is very well bred. His pedigree is stacked with great stallions including: Birky's Pride Prelude's Hecules, Pinnacle's Prelude, Ellengowan Sesational Randy, Armageddon's Lord Elijah, Armageddon's Lord Jacob, Solomon's Commander, Doura Sensation, etc. That does not even include all the well bred mares that belong in his pedigree.

Denali is a horse that we used both in 2012 and 2013 to breed our mares.  Denali has been sold to Lary and Diane Ruebush of Good Hope, Illinois.  We were lucky enought to get two fillies out of Denali and are super excited to watch his babies mature. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding Denali.  Denali has an abundance of feather, nice clean joints and a long neck that many breeders are looking for.

2011 Show Results
2nd Place 2yo Stallion - Iowa State Fair
2nd Place 2yo Stallion - Illinois State Fair
2nd Place 2yo Stallion - Minnesota State Fair

Name: Solomon's Benedict
DOB: April 7, 2005
Reg Number: M22547
Height: 18.0 Hands

________Commander Mark Argyll-M31404(CN)
_____Cedarlane Commander Mark-M32123(CN)
________Highfield Grace-F67756(CN)
Westedge Ideal Ivan-M21611
________Doura Royal Scott-M30931(CN)
_____Royal Harmony Floss-F67122(CN)
________Double Tree Flossie-F66552(CN)

________Maplewood Levi-M13876
_____Cedarlane Duffy-M16403
________Thistle Ridge Argyll Betsy-F67998(CN)
Solomon's Glory-F19088
________Solomon's Chief-M11068
_____Solomon's Ideal Gloria-F12218
________Solomon's Pearl-F11224

Bay, four white legs to above the knees and hocks, white blaze face, black spot on muzzle, chin white, large white spot behind left elbow, white spot on left wither, white spots on lower right side of body.

If you take a close look at Benedict's pedigree you will realize that his pedigree is stacked with noteable clydesdales all over North America.

Both parents of Benedict are now deceased. His sire Westedge Ideal Ivan has produced several show winning offspring and his dam Solomon's Glory was a mare that had a huge motor and was made to wear harness. 

Five of Ben's offspring have been shown and all five have Qualified for the All American program.

KDJ's Melinda-2009 (Now Residing in North Carolina)
KDJ's Benedict Oscar-2009 (Now Residing in Oregon)
KDJ's Benedict Champ-2010 (Now Residing in Brazil)
KDJ's Benedict Commander - 2012 - (Goodell Clydesdales)
KDJ's Benedict Cora - 2012 - (Goodell Clydesdales)

Benedict is now living in Lebanon, MO at the farm of Howard and Melanie Kepple. Howard and Melanie have became friends of ours as we have had 4 of their mares here in our herd. I wish the best of luck for them with Benedict and look forward to seeing colts produced by him at their farm.

Name: Freedom Royal Elliot
DOB: January 4, 2007
Reg Number: M23985
Height: 17.3 Hands

________Doura Expectation-M25255(GB)
_____Greendykes Lucky Shot-M25355(GB)
________Parcelstown Helana-F84017(GB)
Hillmoor Landmark-M32820(CN)
________Doura Winston-M25081(GB)
_____Croaghmore Lucy-F82025(GB)
________Croaghmore Lucinda-F74786(GB)

________Comander Mark Argyll-M31404(CN)
_____Thistle Ridge Argyll Avery-M21650
________Whinhill Crystal-F66877(CN)
Thistle Ridge Seventh Heaven-F71388(CN)
________Greendykes Lucky Shot-M25355(GB)
_____Hillmoor Lady Liza-F68988(CN)
_______Croaghmore Lucy-F82025(GB)

Bay, face white, black spots under left nostril, white spot on left elbow, white spot on right barrel, four white legs to above knees and hocks.

If you take a close look at Elliot's pedigree you will realize that his pedigree is stacked with noteable clydesdales all over North America and Great Britain.

His sire Landmark is the sire of many champions. Thistle Ridge Royal Marrely, Freedom Royal Majestic, Thistle Ridge Royal Merrelly, Thistle Ridge Royal Highlight, and Weatherhill Ila to name just a few. Landmark is recognized for giving very leggy foals, with the right color, and most important, a very sweet personality. At the 2004 complete dispersal sale of Thistle Ridge, Landmark’s progeny under 2 years old sold for an average of $12,500 CN. A filly foal was sold for $17,000 CN, and a stud foal for $14,000 CN. His mother Thistle Ridge Seveth Heaven was bred by David Cleghorn who has produced many show winners along with several sale toppers as well. Pictures of his Sire and Dam can be seen by clicking on the links below.

As a foal Elliot was shown at the 2007 WORLD CLYDESDALE SHOW in Madison Wisconsin where he placed 2ND in the Stallion Foal Class.

He is now owned by Dennis and Lynn Scheil in Dennison, MN. Dennis has allowed us to continue to use Elliot if we are ever in need, thank you Dennis.

Pictures taken 5/1/2011.

Hillmoor Landmark - Sire of Freedom Royal Elliot

Thistle Ridge Seventh Heaven - Dam of Freedom Royal Elliot

Name: KDJ's W.S. Skip Away Spike
DOB: 4/13/2005
Reg Number: M22879
Height: 18.1 Hands

________Armageddon's Lord Jacob-M12955
_____English Tartan Piper-M15087
________Peggie Ann-F14107
Belleau W.S. Skip Away-M19754
________Bluffviews"s Newsworthy Noah-M15227
_____Bluffview's Mystic Shelby-F17148
________Bluffview's Magnificent Shanna-F13922

________Armegeddon's Lord Jacob-M12955
_____Armegeddon's Lord Elijah- M14603
________Peggie Ann- F14107
Red Rock's Lady Elle-F20289
________Ayton Final Command-M31972(CN)
_____Keredon's Ashlee-F17407
________Solomon's Sue- F14917

Black, Black Main and Tail, Blaze Face, Four White Feet, Perfectly Marked, Nice Big Foot, with Tons of Silky White Feather.

Some of todays best blood lines are in this horses pedigree. His sire was bred by Anheuser Busch and stood a solid 18.2 hands, his mother also stands 18.2, this horse is bred to be big.

Spike is now owned by Carlos Meza in Fontana, CA.

Senior Herd Sire

Name: Greendykes Damien
DOB: May 2, 1992
Reg Number: M17256

_________Glenord Comet-M24974(GB)
______Glenord Landmark-M25073(GB)
_________Heather Encgantress-F74405(GB)
Doura Sir Charles-M25269(GB)
_________Doura Masterstroke-M25009(GB)
______Easter Littleward Mayflower-F79020(GB)
_________Easter Littleward Molly-F74562(GB)

_________Broom Chancellor-M25003(GB)
______Newmore Supreme-M25054(GB)
_________Broom Hazel-F74473(GB)
Seafield Lady Jane-F80010(GB)
______Doura Clarinda-F74955(GB)
_________Bogside Jenny Lynne-F74715(GB)

Damien was the top selling stallion at the 1996 National Clydesdale Sale. Standing at 17.2 hands he is a beautiful dark bay, with tons of silky white feather on a nice set of feet with good bone.

Damien's pedigree is second to none, having some of the best bloodlines brought over from Great Britain. Damien is the son of Doura Sir Charles who was the Champion Stallion in 1989, 1990, and 1991 at the National Stallion Show in Scotland and also the Cowder Cup Winner in 1989. Damien's great grandfather is Doura Masterstroke who also won the Cowder Cup, back in 1976. Doura Masterstroke's offspring then went onto win 9 more Cowder Cups, the most prestigious award in the Clydesdale breed.

Damien is now owned by Michael & Libby MarksdeMartino, down in Morriston, Florida.

Picture taken 4-22-06

Name: Belleau W.S. Skip Away
DOB: Jan. 21, 2001
Reg Number: M19754

________Solomon's Commander-M11478
_____Armageddon's Lord Jacob-M12955
________Broadlea Classic Perfection-F12134
English Tartan Piper-M15087
________Glen Arthur Laddie-M31448(CN)
_____Peggie Ann-F14107
________Lucy Ann Ideal-F66527(CN)

________Doura Rob Roy-M14246
_____Bluffviews Newsworthy Noah-M15227
________Bluffviews Newsworthy Nikki-F13314
Bluffviews Mystic Shelby-F17148
________Jonesway Reflection-M12619
_____Bluffviews Magnificent Shanna-F13922
________Vee-Jay Sara-F12576

Skip stood at the farm of Corey Clay. Skip was bred by Anhueser Busch and had some of the best breeding behind him in the modern day clydesdale. Skip was a very big horse standing taller than 18.2 with a very thick drafty set of legs on him.

Name: Twelve Oaks Zeke
DOB: June 19, 1995
Reg Number: M17737

________Doura Royal Scot-M30931(CN)
____Royal Excelsior Pioneer Major-M14261
________Elmview Pioneer's April-F65611(CN)
Jonesway Major Mark-M14610
________Collessie Ideal Print 2nd-M06041
____Collessie's Mabel Footprint-F10275
________Commands Mabel-F05676

________Ideal Selector-M05988
____Jonesway Supreme Selector-M10704
________Collessie's Mabel Footprint-F10275
Cdric Nadia Tahsha-F11957
________Queenie's Erastus-M10211
____Cdric Tahsha Erastus-F10837
________Meadowview Favorite Angel-F10156

Stood at Goodell Farms from 1999-2004, sold to Scott & Cindy Hart in Campbellsville, KY on 5-17-2004. This stallion produced 14 very nice foals here at the Goodell Farm. We have retained one daughter and look forward to breeding her.

DOB: May. 30, 1998
Reg Number: M18346

________Solomon's Commander-M11478
_____Armageddon's Lord Jacob-M12955
________Broadlea Classic Perfection-F12134
Armageddon's Lord Elijah-M14603
________Glen Arthur Laddie-M31448(CN)
_____Peggie Ann-F14107
________Lucy Ann Ideal-F66527(CN)

__________Rossdale Craigie-M10103
______Queenie's Erastus-M10211
__________Endlea's Canadian Queen-F10119
Cdric Tenlee Erastus-F11148
__________Nobleman's Footprint-M30455(CN)
______Belle Buchlyvie Strathmore-F10359
__________Meadow's Lulu Belle- F10193-

Zeus, sired two foals here at Goodell Clydesdales before his life was taken by West Nile!

DOB: Apr. 3, 1980
Reg Number: M11424

______Tanner Hall Topsman-M24997(GB)
_________Woodend Jean-F74397(GB)
Muirton Sceptre- M11048
_________Doura Hiawatha-M24825(GB)
______Finmont Blossom-F74665(GB)
_________Doura Pearl-F73868(GB)

_________Surmount Superb-M30322(CN)
______Surmount Pirella's Laddie-M30742(CN)
_________Pirella Topsy-F65066(CN)
Maple Brook Junie-F10789
_________Ogdensburg Laddie-M30532(CN)
______Valley Farm Molly Bawn-F65327(CN)
_________Valley Farm Princess-F65077(CN)

Johny Walker was a family favorite here at Goodell Clydesdales as we owned him from 1982 till 1996. Johny sired 7 foals here and 3 foals for Clays Clydesdales in Tomah, Wisconsin.

Solomon's Commander

Name: Solomon's Commander 
DOB: May 20, 1980
Reg Number: M11478

_________Bellmount Ideal-M30499(CN) 
______Melbourne Royal Ideal-M30690(CN)
_________Lady Marina W - F65316(CN)
Footprint Royal Ideal-M10513
_________Doura Perfection-M24758(GB)
______Glororum Petula-F10512
_________Craigton Betty-F73416(GB) 

_________Craigie Gallant Hero-M24798(GB)
______Collesie Royal Gift-M30654(CN)
_________Howford Classic Lady-F73391(GB)
Donna Royal Gift-F10776
_________Craigie Commodore-M24514(GB) 
______Badrill Pearl-F64940(CN) 
_________Craigie Black Pearl-F73527(GB) 

Solomon's Commander was bred and raised by Max Remus & Family in Osborne, Kansas.  As a two year old we bought him from the Remus family.  In 1984 we consigned him to the National Clydesdale Sale in Waterloo, Iowa where he was admired by all.  Commander stood a solid 18'2 hands tall, with exceptionally nice ankles and pasterns along with huge feet, the biggest that some had ever seen.  Jim and Dail Corl bought Commander at the sale and later on sold him to Mike & Cheri Moleski & Jim Emmon's in 1985.  Later in 1987 Moleski's bought out Emmons and Commander was solely owned by the Moleski's.  As soon as Commander's foals started hitting the ground people knew Commander was a breeding horse.  His foals were ussually big, very correct, and had very good feet.  You can read more about Commander in the Clydesdale News 2012 Publication as he is the featured stallion on Stallion Row.

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