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Clydesdale Brood Mares

Red Rock's Lady Elle

NAME: Red Rock's Lady Elle
DOB: May 11, 2001
Reg Number: F20289
Height: 18'1 Hands

________Solomon's Commander-M11478
_____Armageddon's Lord Jacob-M12955
________Broadlea Classic Perfection-F12134
Armageddon's Lord Elijah-M14603
________Glen Arthur Laddie-M31448(CN)
_____Peggie Ann-F14107
________Lucy Ann Ideal-F66527(CN)
________Ayton Perfection-M25099(GB)
_____Ayton Final Command-M31972(CN)
________Stainsby Dawn-F78060(GB)
Keredon's Ashlee-F17407
________Westgate Attraction-M12830
_____Solomon's Sue-F14917
________Solomon's Lady Donnela-F13305

Bay, white blaze face, black spots on muzzle and in nostrils, four white legs to above knees and hocks, white splash on lower left side, small white spot on lower right side, some white under throat, black mane and tail.

This mare has quality, action, style, disposition, and color to burn. Her pedigree needs no introduction with the clydesdale breeders as she has top of the line pedigree. She has the best of the best breeding behind her as she is out of Armegeddon's Lord Elijah and then her grandfather on her dams side is Ayton Final Command who is out of the well known stallion Ayton Perfection.

Elle was never shown but her offspring are showing very well for us as 2 have qualified to date for the All American Program.

Elle will be bred back to Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah for a 2015 foal.

Elle has had five foals to date:
  • 2005-KDJ's W.S Skip Away Spike (Residing in CA)
  • 2007-Stud Foal
  • 2009-KDJ's Violet (Jr Champion Mare - Minnesota St Fair 2009)
  •                             (Reserve Jr Champion Mare - Illinois St Fair 2011) 
  • 2011-KDJ's Deuces Wild (1st Place Jr Stud Foal - IA State Fair)
  • 2014-KDJ's Full House Falcon

 Top Picture taken as a three year old, the others were taken 4/27/08.

Lynden Manor Morgan

Name: Lynden Manor Morgan
DOB: 6/11/2006
Reg Number: F24423
Height: 17.2H

________Doura Sensation-M11361
_____Live Oak Grandeur-M16170
________Northumberland Melinda-F12388
2s Grandeur’s Sir Garrett - M19358
________Ayton Perfection-M14653
_____Live Oak Charming Rhapsody-F15583
________Braehead Charm-F14795
________Torrs Bardrill Ideal-M25036(GB)
_____Torrs Cup Winner-M32166(CN)
________Balgray Elizabeth Ann-F80026(GB)
Willow Way Megan F68819(CN)
________Croydon Aristocrat-M31070(CN)
_____Willow Way Nicky F67652(CN)
________Torrs Lady Antrim-F66406(CN)

Bay, face white extending over upper and lower lips and left underjaw, small white spot over right eye, white spots on lower left side of belly, legs white, small black spot on lower right nostril.

Very nice drafty bay mare canadian bred with four white feet and blaze face along with black main and tail. Morgan is very well bred and we look forward to her babies in the future. Morgan has a tremendous pedigree top to bottom.

Morgan has had two foals to date:
  • 2012 - Filly Foal
  • 2013 - Stud Foal

Morgan is confirmed in foal to Pinnacle's Nihilater Extreme for a 2015 foal.

Erastus Tim's Regal

Name: Erastus Tim's Regal
DOB: 3/07/2005
Reg Number: F22369
Height: 17.1

________Jonesway Calendar Prince-M12323
_____Shining Meadows Macarthur-M13780
________Shining Meadows Sunshine-F11162
Birky's Pride 1st Timothy-M17336
________Solomon's Commander-M11478
_____Armageddon's Mistress Hannah-F13608
________Broadlea Classic Bonnie-F12426
________Glenord Surmount P.K.-M10364
_____Glencoe Sandy-M11410
________Sweet Lassie-F10666
Hi-Hopes Forever Evening Amber-F15820
________Hugh Footprint-M10090
_____Wilma Footprint-F10515
________Kit's Belle-F10021

Dark bay, white stripe in face, four white legs to knees and below hocks, small white spot on lower right side of barrel.

We bought Regal at the Devere and Barb Clay dispersal auction in December of 2007.  Devere was a mentor to dad as he helped him get into the clydesdale business and we had fun attending shows and helping each other out.  Our family vacation each year was going to the Milwaukee Circus Parade and camping with the Clay family enjoying lots of fun and memories.  Regal has been a great purchase for us giving us 3 fillys to date and 1 stud colt.  They have all been bay and beautifully colored.  Regal's sire Birky's Pride 1st Timothy was a great breeding stallion for the Clay's and also qualified for the All American Program each year that he was shown.  Regal has produced some of our best foals and we look forward to keeping KDJ's Polka Dot as she has shown very well for us.

Regal has had six foals to date:
  • 2009-KDJ's Melinda (Jr Champion Mare-Nebraska State Fair 2009)
  • 2010-KDJ's Delightful Annie Peyton
  • 2011-KDJ's Polka Dot (2011 & 2012 All American Qualifier)
  • 2012-KDJ's Collin
  • 2013-KDJ's Regal's Electra
  • 2014-Stud Foal

Regal gave birth to a nice dark bay stud colt in 2014, unfortunately his life was cut short and we lost him.  Regal will be getting bred back to Pinnacle's Nihilater Extreme for a late April 2015 foal.

Top Picture was taken 7-2-2010 with her 2010 filly KDJ's Delightful Annie Peyton the bottom picture was taken 6-15-2008.

KDJ's Amazin Grace

Name: KDJ's Amazin Grace
DOB: April 8, 2004
Reg Number: F21608
Height: 17.2

________Royal Excelsior Pioneer Major-M14261
____Jonesway Major Mark-M14610
________Collessie's Mabel Footprint-F10275
Twelve Oaks Zeke-M17737
________Jonesway Supreme Selector-M10704
____Cdric Nadia Tahsha-F11957
________Cdric Tahsha Erastus-F10837
________Muirton Sceptre-M11048
____Johnny Walker-M11424
________Maple Brook Junie-F10789
KDJ's Brandi-F17942
________Queenie's Erastus-M10211
____Cdric Tenlee Erastus-F11148
________Belle Buchlyvie Strathmore-F10359

Bay, four white legs to knees and hocks, white blaze face, black spots on muzzle and nostrils.
Grace is hands down one of our best mares in the herd.  She comes from a very strong maternal line that produces each year.  Grace was shown as a weanling winning her class at the Iowa State Fair in 2004.  Grace is broke to drive and loves to motor, we always look forward to Grace's foals being born as they have the same attitude.

Pictured as a three year old (10/20/07) and also as a foal winning the Iowa State Fair Foal Class in August of 2004.

Grace has had six foals to date:
  • 2008 - KDJ's Grace's Image (2013 Reserver All American Mare Team)
  • 2010 - KDJ's Benedict Champ (Qualified for the All American Program 2010)-EXPORTED TO BRAZIL
  • 2011 - KDJ's Domino
  • 2012- Stud Foal
  • 2013 - KDJ's Grace's Elenore
  • 2014 - KDJ's Double Back Flip

Grace had a really nice big leggy stud colt on April 5th, 2014.  Grace is confirmed in foal to Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah for a March 2015 foal.  This foal should be another one to watch for.  Grace is a mare who produces very athletic foals with lots of heart and spirit.

Kiamichi A.M. Willa - SOLD

Name: Kiamichi A.M. Willa
DOB: 4/25/04
Reg Number: 22597
Height: 17.3

________Ayton Perfection-M14653
_____Ayton Royal Ideal-M25346(GB)
________Millhouse Marina-F80003(GB)
Ayton Magnificent-M19833
________Rolleston Carnelian-M25147(GB)
_____Ayton Lady Judy-F88020(GB)
________Red House Mary-F81062(GB)

________Royal Excelsior Pioneer Major-M14261
_____Erastus Doura Excel-M14736
________Erastus Raquel Honisuckle Rose-F13131
Kiamichi Excel's Cleo-F19634
________Ogdensburg Shamrock-M10555
_____Shining Meadows Mara-F11429
________Running W. Choley-F05973

Bay, wide white blaze face, chin white, left front and hind legs white to above the knee and to the hocks, a streak of bay runs from the knee to the fetlock on the inside of right front leg. Willa is a half sister to Maple Stone Barbara Jane who was the top selling mare at the 2003 National Clydesdale Sale in Springfield, IL. Maple Stone Barbara Jane sold for a record price at that time for $35,000. Willa's sire Ayton Magnificient was a big bay horse imported into Canada from Great Brittian by Robert and Carolyn Ridler with Howard and Melanie Kepple importing him from Canada to the United States. Willa has a very clean hind leg which she passes on to her foals. Willa is a full sister to both Kiamichi A.M. Sophie and Kiamichi A.M. Cassie which we formerly owned.

Willa has had five foals to date:
2008 - KDJ's Benedict Willey (Residing in WI)
2009 - Stud Foal
2010 - KDJ's Benedict Slick Willey
2012 - KDJ's Benedict Cora (1st Place - Sr Filly Foal- Minnesota State Fair)
2013 -KDJ's Benedict Elgen

Willa had a nice stud colt sired by Solomon's Benedict on January 18th, 2013. Willa is confirmed in foal for a Jan 2014 foal to our stallion Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah.

Armageddon's Mistress Maadai

Name: Armageddon's Mistress Maadai
DOB: April 8th, 2008
Reg Number: F24154
Height: 18.0 Hands

__________Doura King O' The Ring - M31556(CN)
______Westgate Primetime - M17544
__________Westgate Precious Jewel - F67055(CN)
Solomon's Tim - M19090
__________Westgate Attraction - M12830
______Solomon's Nadine - F14899
__________Solomon's Nellie Dean - F12384

__________Footprint Royal Ideal - M10513
______Solomon's Commander - M11478
__________Donna Royal Gift - F10776
Armageddon's Mistress Eve - F14326
__________Classic Wallace - M30865(CN)
______Broadlea Classic Perfection - F12134
__________Broadlea Queen Perfection - F65942(CN)

Dark brown, four white legs to above the knees and to the top of the hocks, white extends to front of shoulder on right front leg, white blaze face, chin white, small white belly patches.

Maadai came to us from the Moleski family in Michigan.  She is the last daughter out of the great Armageddon's Mistress Eve mare who goes back to the Solomon's Commander horse and the great mare Broadlea Classic Perfection.  Maadai was shown as a 2 year old and did very well for us qualifying for the All American program.

We bought Maadai as she is the grandaughter to one of our first stallions here at Goodell Clydesdales "Solomon's Commander.  Commander was a great big horse with huge platters for feet.  After selling Commander he went on to breed some of the best Clydesdale horses in the United States.

Maadai has had two foals to date.

  • 2012 - KDJ's Bennedict Commander
  • 2014 - KDJ's Miss Felecia

Maadai produced a very nice dark bay filly our of Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah and will be bred back the same way for a 2015 foal.
Pictured above while at the Iowa State Fair while being shown as a 2 year old.

KDJ's Grace's Image

Name: KDJ's Grace's Image
DOB: 4/30/08
Reg Number: F24359
Height: 17.2

________Cedarlane Commander Mark-M32123(CN)
_____Westedge Ideal Ivan-M21611
________Royal Harmony Floss-F67122(CN)
Solomon's Benedict-M22547
________Cedarlane Duffy-M16403
_____Solomon's Glory-F19088
________Solomon's Ideal Gloria-F12218
________Jonesway Major Mark-M14610
_____Twelve Oaks Zeke-M17737
________Cdric Nadia Tahsha-F11957
KDJ's Amazin Grace-F21608
________Johnny Walker-M11424
_____KDJ's Brandi-F17942
________Cdric Tenlee Erastus-F11148

Bay, four white legs to below the knees and hocks, white blaze face, white splash on both sides of the barrel, right nostril black extending down onto the muzzle.

Image is a modern mare that has a heart to drive and loves to perfom in the show ring.  Image won the 2013 Men's Clydesdale Cart at the Minnesota State Fair, she was also a part of the winning Registered Mare Team at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair and also the 2nd place open team at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.  She was named the Reserve All American Mare Team along with another home raised mare KDJ's Violet.  We look forward to continue to drive and show Image in the years to come.

Image has given us one foal to date:
  • 2012 - Bay Filly


Image is confirmed in foal to Pinnacle's Nihilater Extreme for a early March 2015 foal.

2013 Show Record
Wisconsin State Fair - 1st Place - Registered Mare Team
Iowa State Fair - 2nd Place - Mare of Gelding Team
                       2nd Place - Clydesdale Unicorn
                                   2nd Place - Clydesdale Six Horse Hitch
Minnesota State Fair - 1st Place - Men's Clydesdale Cart

Pictures taken 2/23/2013

Iron Horse MM Lady's Pinnacle

Iron Horse MM Lady's Pinnacle

Name: Iron Horse MM Lady's Pinnacle
DOB: June 28th, 2009
Reg Number: F24661
Height: 17.1

________Millisle Perfection - M25335(GB)
____Millisle Explorer - M21765
________Moy Jane - F97089(GB)
May's Marguies of Iron Horse (ET) - M22928
________Greendykes Lucky Shot - M25355(GB)
____Hillmoor Anna May - F18436
________Downhill Annamay - F85109(GB)
________Doura Sensation - M11361 
____Ellengowan Sensational Randy - M18915
________Lady Jane Excelsior Masterpiece - F68219(GB)
Pinnacle's Lady Jane - F20605 
________Ogdenburg Noblemen - M12425
____PTS Nobelman's Danielle - F13619
________Blairo'er April Love - F12175 

Bay, white blaze face. bay indention above the left eye, dark spots on muzzle and lower lip, right front leg white to the knee, right rear leg white to above the hock up stifle, left front leg white to the knee extending higher on outside, left rear leg white to hock extending up inside of stifle.

We bought Nicci with hopes that she would drive with a homeraised mare KDJ's Violet.  We were more than estatic after we got her home and started driving the pair of mares together.  Nicci comes from Linda Harmon Dodge at Iron Horse Farm in Arthur, Illinois.  Her pedigree is second to none and we are very excited to breed her this coming spring for a 2014 foal.  Nicci is very animated and can motor with the best.  Watch for her in the lead of our hitch.

Pictured here in January of 2012.

Nicci gave foal to a still born stud foal in 2014, from what we could see we liked the potential between this cross and have bred her back for a 2015 foal Pinnacle's Nihilater Extreme.  This cross should be very excited as each of their pedigrees are stacked with All American Award Winners.

2012 Show Record
Illinois State Fair - 1st Place - Mare 3YO
                               1st Place - Men's Cart
                                                   2nd Place - Registered Mare Team

Iowa State Fair - 4th Place - Mare -3YO
Minnesota State Fair - 2nd Place - Mare - 3 YO

2013 Show Record
Iowa State Fair - 4th Place - Yeld Mare 4yo & Over
Minnesota State Fair - 1st Place - 4yo mare and under 5

2014 Show Record
Iowa State Fair - 3rd Place - Brood Mare 4yo & Over

KDJ's Violet

Name: KDJ's Violet
DOB: 4/15/09
Reg Number: F24572
Height: 17.3 Hands

________Northwest Glenords Patrick-M12996
_____Northwest Glenords U.R. Arrow-M14858
________Northwest Aristocrats Natasha-F12394
Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah-M20893
________Broadlea Classic Joe-M14427
_____Armageddon's Mistress Etana-F16556
________Armageddon's Mistress Magdalene-F12636

________Armegeddon's Lord Jacob-M12955
_____Armegeddon's Lord Elijah- M14603
________Peggie Ann- F14107
Red Rock's Lady Elle-F20289
________Ayton Final Command-M31972(CN)
_____Keredon's Ashlee-F17407
________Solomon's Sue- F14917

Light bay, wide white blaze face, black spots on muzzle and right nostril, white extends over the right side of the head, front legs white to the knees, hind legs white to below the hocks, white splash on left elbow, white extends up left hind leg to upper thigh, some white hair on right elbow and flank.

Violet should get big as he mother and father are both over 18.1 hands tall. Excellent pedigree top and bottom. She has both bay and black genetics behind her.  We will once again leave Violet open as we are breeding 10 other mares and look forward to continuing to drive her in the hitch.  We look to send her to be bred in 2015 to an outside stallion.

2009 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair : 1st Place Jr Filly Foal - JR. CHAMPION MARE
Iowa State Fair : 2nd Place Jr Filly Foal

2010 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair : 3rd Place - Yearling Mare
Iowa State Fair : 3nd Place - Yearling Mare : 1st Place Best of Iowa
Illinois State Fair: 6th Place - Yearling Mare

2011 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair : 2nd Place - 2 YO Mare
Iowa State Fair : 2nd Place - 2 YO Mare
Illinois State Fair: 1st Place - 2 YO Mare - RESERVE JR CHAMPION MARE

2012 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair : 2nd Place - MARE - 3 YO
Iowa State Fair : 3rd Place - MARE - 3 YO
Illinois State Fair: 2nd Place - MARE - 3 YO

2013 Show Record
Iowa State Fair - 5th Place - Yeld Mare 4 yo & Over
Minnesotata State Fair - 2nd Place - Mare 4 yo & under 5

Gregglea HC Shenia

Gregglea HC Shenia

Gregglea HC Shenia

Name: Gregglea HC Shenia
DOB: February 27th , 2009
Reg Number: F73094(CN)
Height: 17.3
________Doura Sir Charles - M25269(GB)
_____Collessie Cut Above - M25418(GB)
________Kettlestoun Valetta - F81049
Highfield Collessie - M18729
________Torrs Trueform - M25272(GB)
_____Cocklaw Lucinda - F91065(GB)
________Cocklaw Diana - F87094(GB)
________Benedictine Command - M31073(CN) 
_____Inspector Floss - M14047
________Double Tree Flossie - F11033 
Gregg's Inspectress Chelsea - F71245(CN)
________Doura Trademark - M31131(CN)
_____Queen Lady Doura - F66744(CN)
________Lady Belle Pioneer - F65867(CN)

Face white extending to underjaw and part of throatlatch, white spot on each side of neck at mid-crest, underbelly white extending up both sides of barrel, large white spot on left hip, fore legs white to above knees, hind legs white to above hocks.

Shenia is a full sister to Gregglea HC Olivia who is owned by the Madsen's in Canada that has had a tremedous show career and she is also a full sister to Gregglea HC Peyton who is owned by Don & Kristen Hastings in Illinois.  Shenia is off of the the stallion Highfield Collessie who is off of Collessie Cut Above who won the prestigious Cawdor Cup Award for Stallions in 1997 for his owner Ronnie Black.  Collessie Cut Above has also sired other Cawdor Cup winners as well as many of the current show winners in Scotland.  As a foal Highfield Collessie won at numerous shows during the fall/winter of 1998-1999 and was named the Best Male Clydesdale Foal of 1998.  William Muir imported H.C. in April of 1999 and was shipped directly to the farm of Ed Henken.  H.C. won numerous awards in the US along with all the winning he did for Muir in Canada as he was twice the Grand Champion Stallion at the Calgary Stampede and also named the Reserve Grand Champion Stallion at the 2002 Toronto Royal.  Shenia comes from a very stong mare line as well and we look forward to the future that she brings our farm.  We look to be driving her with our mares KDJ's Violet and Iron Horse MM Lady's Pinnacle.

Shenia gave birth to a nice stud foal out of Century Lane Majestic who is a Pinnacle's Sensational Azar son.  We
are very excited for this foal as it is bred to be great.  Shenia will be bred back to Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah for a 2014 foal.

Pictured as a 3 year old with her previous owners Gregglea Clydesdales.

Gregglea HC Pixie

Gregglea HC Pixie

Name: Gegglea HC Pixie
DOB: 05/13/08
Reg Number: F25390
Height: 17.3H

________Doura Sir Charles - M25269(GB)
_____Collessie Cut Above - M25418(GB)
________Kettlestone Valetta - F81043(GB)
Highfield Collesie - M25507
________Torrs Trueform - M25272(GB)
_____Coclaw Lucinda - F91065(GB)
________Coclaw Diana - F87094(GB) 

________Greendykes Damien - M17256
_____Doura Double Your Fun - M32785(GB)
________Ferme Neuve Pam - F6811(CN)
Faydar Edie - F72068(CN)
________Brunt-Hill Ted - M31857(CN)
_____Faydar Vicki - F72064(CN)
________Kim's Pat - F14897

Bay, blaze extending to chin, dark spot on upper lip, white spot on right side of belly, several small white spots on right hip, large white splash on left side at girth, right foreleg white with dark hairs down inside and back, left foreleg white to knee, hind legs white to hocks.

Very nice bay mare canadian bred with great breeding behind her.  Pixie was bought to mate her half sister Shenia in the hitch and we look forward to driving these two mares together.  Pixie was bought from Luke and Heather Bell at the 2013 National Clydesdale Sale with a nice stud colt on her side.  We will be breeding Pixie to one of our studs and look forward to seeing the foals she produces.

Pixie has had one foal to date:
  • 2013 - BSB Pixies Phillip

Pixie will be bred to Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah for a April 2014 foal.

2013 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair: 1st Place - Brood Mare 5yo and Over
Iowa State Fair: 2nd Place - Brood Mare 4yo and Over

Irish Thunder's Calendar Girl

Name: Irish Thunder's Calendar Girl
DOB: March 24th, 2009
Reg Number: F24756
Height: 18.0

________Green Leaf Famous Amos-M31958(CN)
_____Westerdale Valentine-M16268
________Westerdale Sweet Sophia-F67418(CN)
Solomon's Beureguard-M18156
________Westgate Attraction-M12830
_____Solomon's Paulette-F13301
________Solomon's Pearl-F11224
________Greendykes Lucky Shot-M25355(GB)
_____Greendykes Reflection-M16132
________Woodhouse Prima Donna-F83096(GB)
Great American Abigail Adams-F22168
________Thistle Ridge Eaton Victor-M16428
_____Grandview Victor's Classy Kate*-F19966
________Walnut Crest Bonnie Lee-F18916

Bay, white blaze, three black spots on upper lip and muzzle, white front legs to knees, rear legs white to hocks and extending up front of leg to stifle, white lower lip extending under jaw.

Tall leggy five year old mare who has a great pedigree with very well known horses throughout. She will get big as her sire was 19 hands.  The paternal grandmother to Callie was a great show mare for Brad Remus who resides in Osborne, Kansas while her maternal grandsire Greendykes Reflection bred many hitch prospects for Pinnacle Farms in Milan, Illinois.

Callie has had two nice filly foals to date that we are planning on watching mature here on the farm.  Both fillies are sired by a previous stallion once owned by us Pinnacle's Prelude Denali.  Callie is being bred back to Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah for a 2015 foal.

  • 2013 - KDJ's PPD Emmy
  • 2014 - KDJ's PPD Fergie

KDJ's Polka Dot

KDJ's Polka Dot

Name: KDJ's Polka Dot
DOB: 3/29/2011
Reg Number: F25376
Height: 16.3 Hands

________Northwest Glenords Patrick-M12996
_____Northwest Glenords U.R. Arrow-M14858
________Northwest Aristocrats Natasha-F12394
Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah-M20893
________Broadlea Classic Joe-M14427
_____Armageddon's Mistress Etana-F16556
________Armageddon's Mistress Magdalene-F12636

________Shining Meadows Macarthur-M13780
_____Birky's Pride 1st Timothy-M17336
________Armageddon's Mistress Hannah-F13608
Erastus Tim's Regal - F22369
________Glencoe Sandy-M11410
_____Hi-Hopes Forever Evening Amber-F15820
________Wilma Footprint-F10515

Bay, white blaze face, dark spot on muzzle and on outside edge of right nostril, front legs white below knees, left hind leg white below hock, right hind leg white to just above ankle, irregular white splashes on both sides of barrel, white spot on left thigh.

Very nice feminine filly that we are planning on keeping to use as a brood mare and drive in the hitch.

2011 Show Placings:
1st Place Filly Foal - Iowa State Fair
1st Place Filly Foal - Minnesota State Fair
4th Place Filly Foal - Illinois State Fair

2012 Show Record
Minnesota State Fair : 1st Place - Mare - 1 Yo
Iowa State Fair : 3rd Place - Mare - 1 Yo
Illinois State Fair: 1st Place - MARE - 1 Yo

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